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Welcome to the world of LIKE-ICE!

LIKE-ICE!'s plastic panels are specifically designed for ice skating. The skate blades glide on it similar to real ice - without lubricant - a big challenge.
Very few competitors can claim this.

The goal, after many years of research and development, was to achieve excellent sliding properties, but not to change the balance or posture for skating - and at the same time to find a “green solution” to minimize damage to the environment.
The result: a perfect skating surface, for which one requires no power or water or expensive machines.
At the end of its life our plastic ice is easily re-cycled and re-processed to make new products.

With us you will benefit from a truly professional service.

We are not only a manufacturer, we are also an internationally active sales and installation organisation.
Our own teams deal with every project – from start to finish and from the smallest to the largest.

Do you want to learn more? On this website you will find all the information. If you have specific questions, please contact us.
We look forward to your call or email.